Thursday, January 27, 2011

What it's like being the Girlfriend of a WoW Player

So i was sitting here chatting with my girlfriend and she told me she wanted to speak her opinion about dating someone who plays WoW. The only thing i could think was Uh Oh.....but to be honest i think its a neat idea im sure there are lots of Girlfriends, Wives, Husbands, or Partners that would like to hear her here we go....

When i first met Phillyblunt (didn't want me using his real name lol) i had no clue he was into playing video games. Until one day i had called him and asked him what he was doing. He said that he was playing W.O.W. And i was like what is that? he said you probably heard of it; it's called World Of Warcraft.
as soon as i heard that name of the game i was like holy crap i'm dating a computer gaming nerd! Lol. so when we moved down here to Florida and i saw how much he was playing this game i was like this guy is really addicted! he kept yelling out this weird stuff to his friends that he plays with on there and would yell whenever he lost or died! and whenever i came home from work he was still in the same spot i left him, playing that game and i would literally have to yell at him to get off the computer to come to bed or to just sit and relax with me! sometimes i would just sit there and wonder why does he love this game so much. and then i met some of his Arena Buddies (Feris mostly because Gwapes was overseas at this point). and i asked him why do u guys like this game so much? and he said it's just a fun way to unwind after a long day and plus you get to meet tons of cool people on here! and then i realized i know why Philly (lol because i know his real name!!) loves this game so much. it's just something that he loves to do in his spare time and he likes meeting new people. so now whenever he plays i just let him. i don't yell at him for it anymore. instead i'm right there next to him being his cheerleader or letting him know when his stamna is low. (yes i know a few stuff from the game now. Lol) and i've also become friends with his friends on there. so girls out there who have boyfriends or husbands that play W.O.W, be there cheerleader instead of yelling at them for playing to much video games. Or better yet join them! i'm even thinking of joining myself. :)


  1. Sorry baby i had to let your secret out still love ya though!!

  2. If you join, be sure to RAF his account!