Thursday, January 27, 2011

Top 5 World of Warcraft Web Sites

So through the years of playing World of Warcraft i have came across quite a few sites that prevent you from recreating the wheel. Here is my Top 5 (In no particular order)

1. Arena Junkies offers many good tools for the beginner-expert PvP'r. The main page shows a tracker of the top rated teams in all the different brackets. On the main page they also offer Current News and also show some of the latest posts on their forums. The forums are where the gold is. You get testimonials and stories from all different types of players. Not only is it full of uber amounts of posts, but its also organized very well. If you wanna learn about your class its divided up into different sections based on what class is being discussed. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent digging through these  forums and always coming away with some sort of new passion to play. Oh yeah not to mention u get to talk to real GLADS!!! Check out this site if your struggling with your class or you just want to read some legit advice from the best of the best (*cough* Vileroze *cough*)

2. This site became the Bible of WoW for me when Burning Crusade came out. The site is set up so well. Everything and Anything in the game is on this site. I can't tell you how many times this site has saved me from hours of wandering around in Azeroth. You can look up quests, items, gear, zones etc.. It also has this ingenious system of linking whatever your searching to other stuff that is related to the item you searched. This saves you hours of digging through pages of items. Another cool thing is they have 3d models of most of the items in the game, which is great when servers are down and u can drool over the purplez your gonna get when the server is back up!! The comments I've found to be very helpful and generally the flaming is kept to a minimum. This is your bread and butter in the WoW world.

3. Add Ons Add Ons Add Ons!!! This sight is the spot for add ons. The sight is very clean and well maintained!! They rank Add Ons by number of downloads and they have a 5 star ranking system as well. It's great because i hate not knowing what I'm downloading. They also offer an automated installer and downloader from there site which makes maintaining and updating addon's with one click of a button with there stand alone software. It checks your add on's and then check's the website and updates accordingly simple as that and i like simple. They even have add on packs that fit a certain category you might be looking for. For example if your a hardcore raider they have a pack of add ons that would have ready to kill dragons in no time. This site is a must. Nowadays its very rare to find anyone playing without add on's and if your not playing with add on's your missing out so check this site out!!

4. Oh how i love MMO-CHAMPION!! This sight is full of so much information about World of Warcraft. You have wonderful tools. First off when u hit the page your slammed with all the latest World of Warcraft news. My favorite thing about this is they have it all!! Blue posts, patch notes, ptr builds, links to funny wow sites, contests and much more!! The forums are really nice too!! People really elaborate and try to help you (most of everybody you know who you are trolls). This as of late has been my drug. Wake up check up on the latest WoW news. They also recently posted some really guides on a wide variety of topics. If you have a question about anything in WoW go here and you will find your answer with a slight amount of digging!!

5. this a wonderful Arena teaching site!! the resources on this site are so valuable. The video tutorials are so well explained!! Not to mention they have over 500 instructional videos and most are in HD!!! Yes there is a membership fee but you can start for only 4$ a month and thats nothing when you see the amount time people put into these videos. They a ton of In-Depth articles about the arenas and a very friendly helpful community to help you with your Arena adventures. So go check out the site and give em the 4 bucks cause its worth it for you in long run!!


  1. Those are my top 5 as well haha!

    For the big readers out there... I might add this site if you're into lore. Ya I'm a gnerd so whut.

  2. I want to add 2 more! If you want a quick reference for gear and the optimal dps for your character look no further. The site ranks dps rotation, best dps gear, gems, enchants , etc. for every class! Occasionally it will rank different items a little higher than it should due to prioritizing hit/expertise for instance to make sure players are capping them. I use it as a quick reference guide, and always research it for when I'm about to roll a new character. It helps me plan out my gear, quest routes, and factions I should go for first =D Hands down the best site specifically for rogues and gear choices. There is no more accurate site for gearing than this. This is really just a rogue site, so if you're looking for other classes give a looksy!

    - be easy