Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Ode to WoW

Well being the first blog of the site, I decided it would be fitting to let my readers and followers know what this site is going to be about. I know everyone is prolly thinking "great another wow blog" but I'm not trying to pretend like I'm the best WoW player that has ever written a blog. This site is for all WoW players. So here are 3 things that will be discussed in the near future.

Arenas-This is my greatest passion in the game. I know the people that armory me will be like well this guy isn't even glad. I'm fully aware that the highest rating I've ever been in 3's is 2279 (it haunts me in my dreams) but I'm not here to say something that I'm not. I think i have a good grasp on my class and the classes i play against. I want to share the knowledge and experiences i have to help my fellow aspiring PvPer's. I will have my buddies that i play with chime in and give their tips and tricks as well. And as always i want input from my readers. There is nothing more important than the input from my followers and ragers!!

Gear in Game and Out of Game- Yes the gear you have inside the game is important but i think many WoW players ignore the importance of the gear u use outside the game everyday. Besides playing WoW for years, another passion of mine computers (go figure). I'm going to be writing guides for the broke player and even for the kid who's parents are extremely rich. And of course i will go into explaining the upsides and downsides of the gear you wear in game. There is no set standard. I believe a lot of people make the mistake of using the WoW Armory to find the 7 season glad and trying to get their gear. There are so many options and they all work!! You decide your play style not the 5 pieces of heroic PVE gear you've been trying to get because u can't stand seeing the low Gear Score!!

Video Editing- This is a big part of the wow community. I can't think of one person who plays that wouldn't like to have instant replay when they kill 4 people and survive with 3 health!! So for those people that would like to start making videos, i will have a section recommending Recording Software, Editing Software, Fonts, Titles, and Music for the best WoW videos.

Excuse the giant wall of text that just crit you!!! But i appreciate all the support and followers!! Your input is welcome and appreciated. Hope to hear from all of you soon!

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