Thursday, January 27, 2011

Some Dueling Advice

Dueling is one of the best things to do World of Warcraft. I know some people think they are a joke and who cares that you can beat someone 1v1....but i beleive that dueling is one the best ways to learn your opponent. And here are some of the reasons dueling is a great tool to become an Arena God.

Competition- I recently saw a T.V. show that did a study of competive eating. The study showed two groups of people eating hot wings. The one group was in a kitchen and they were told they had so many minutes to eat as many hot wings as they could. In the other room was the same amount of hot wings same amount of people but in this room they had a group of people cheering them on clapping and cheering for them to EAT!!! When the study was all said and done the group with the "cheering squad" ate 30% more wings. I know your thinking how does this relate to dueling in World of Warcraft. Well for one thing i love hot wings (and love eating them while playing)! Think about dueling someone on your own server that potentially u could run into everyday. Whether they just like to rub stuff in your face or you see them talking trash to people they just destroyed in a duel. The pressure is pretty intense. I find myself dueling people all the time that outgear me and out ranked me on the PvP teams. The funny thing is i lose against someone i underestimate because im not as competitive when its someone i know is skilled. Sometimes i've even pulled off duels where im never touched by a skilled 2200+ player. Another factor in my duels is the trash talk factor!! You can't tell me that when some one drops the "N" bomb (Noob :-P), you dont get determined to teach them a lesson.

Developing Knowledge of the Enemy- One of the most overlooked aspects of PvP is learning the enemy. Yeah you've mastered your class and can hit those buttons faster than anyone, but its all wasted if you dont know when to use your moves. If your blowing your cooldowns right from the start usually the opponent will have someway to avoid it. You have to be patient. This game is 35% knowing your moves and 65% mental games. If you duel the same way with every opponent, they are going to learn your style. That will never work. Now as i've stated i play Frost Mage (yeah i know blah blah blah your OP) but i can tell you i struggled so bad with dk's 1v1. Just to make this more personal this DK from our server named Aurazz had great gear but thats not what kept me dueling him. It was his ability to counter everything i did and beat my ass into the dirt. So i started complaining i dont stand a chance blah blah and he realized that i wasn't a bad player so he decided to take me under his wing and teach me what to do to beat him (NOT MANY PEOPLE ARE THIS NICE). I must of lost to him 300 times before i finally learned how to play against him. Waiting for Death Grip to Blink, Deep Freezing When Ice Bound Fortitude was down, And Silencing him after Deep Freeze so he couldn't Anti-Magic Shell. And that is just one instance of how learning the enemies abilities will increase your domination in the World of Warcraft. The knowledge ive learned from dueling is reflected in arenas. Think of isolating every opponent 1v1 and learning their moves. If you take a little time to duel some skilled players the benefits will be reflected when you show up in the Arena.

Soon i will figure out how not to rample on about these topics lol hope you enjoyed. Lots more on the way!!!
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  1. x2 to this. Philly and friends are all much better for dueling. You stay calm when its just a 1v1 in arena, and you handle the pressure.