Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Body and Mind

Like i promised i got my favorite hunter to give a little insight on how to play at your best. Like i said before by no means are we the best players on the planet (or in Azeroth) but we have some pretty good basic ideas...And here is the first of many suggestions to come...take it away Feris....

Alight guys, my name is Feris. I play a hunter and I’m here to talk to you about YOU. Yeah YOU! You might not think about it a lot, but your body and your mind are the biggest factor in being a success at this game. Your reaction time, decisions and mood are all going to play a part. Most of this may be common sense to some, but then some people like my good friend Gwapes need to be reminded, and just don’t think about it too often.
I'll start off by saying that your health is of course a factor that plays into your game play.  Obviously nobody wants to kill shot someone for the win, and then die of a raging boner because your heart can’t take it. I find that I play much better if I eat an adequate healthy meal before starting arenas. In my opinion I love simply being warm, comfortable, and full of food during arenas.
Next thing I want to talk about is just being comfortable. The few times I have tried doing arenas in shitty settings (work clothes, sitting in a restaurant with wifi on my laptop and freezing my balls off), I have done pretty shitty, not to mention it was kind of awkward because of the McDonalds creeper at the register staring at me. I find I play my best when we do our arenas in the evening after a shower, in comfortable clothes, at my desk and with my space heater turned on (I have a cold ass room).
Aaaand lastly the most important thing which I’m sure most of you will agree with me about is your mental status. Starting a day of arenas with a bad attitude with not only end up with you pissed at some “OP AS FUK” class, but most likely your partners won’t enjoy the play as much either (unless your partners enjoy hearing you rage). This is why I chose the arena partners that I chose, not only because they are pretty decent at the game, but because they are just some cool as shit people. Gwapes is actually my best friend, and Philly I’m sure would be one as well if he lived near me. We keep sane in our arenas together, laugh through the good times, and laugh at the bad times. LOLOL GLOBALD BY DA SHADOWMOURNE OLOLOL! We just overall have a good time no matter what we do in the game. I definitely suggest trying to get partners like this, as you will be more comfortable and less likely to mess up some slick ass cc chain via lapse in concentration.
                I like being comfortable while playing arenas, while some of you may disagree and would prefer playing your arena games as uncomfortable as shit, these are just my opinions and things that I have found to be true in my life. Either way, have fun with your arenas no matter what your opinion of fun may be.
CY@ -Feris


  1. I like playing arena when I'm uncomfortable as shit. Ok, not really. Love the blog, KEEP IT UP!

  2. Rofl, I pictured you playing wow in a rated BG screaming at people and sitting on a bed of nails. XP