Friday, January 28, 2011

Are WoW players spoiled?

I read forums all the time and see nothing but complaining, bashing blizzard,
and whining about how it should be. Yea, some of the complaints are justified,
but alot of them are just people being spoiled whiners.

Back in the beginning of WoW you did'nt have much to work with. You had to wait
til level 40 to get your first mount, which cost 90 gold with a 10 gold riding
skill. Up until 40 you were just running from place to place trying to find flight
paths so you wouldn't have to run anymore. Even after you manage to scrounge up money
for this level 40 mount, you still don't notice much of a difference. Still running
and running and running from place to place. Then you reach level 60 where you
never have to level again, you can buy a new mount (WOOO) and you can finally
start end game content.

So here you are. A level 60 turbo-nerd with all the hope in the world. You go
to your riding trainer and right click him. He tells you he wants 100 gold
for the training, and 900 gold for the mount. What the fuck? You have about
300g from leveling and looting silver off mobs. Have fun buying that!

Well you move on and join a raiding guild. The first few nights are slow because
you're new and they already have people who planned on going to the raids..but your chance
comes one night. They decide to take you to molten core! Exciting? Sure.
You join the raid group and see you are in group 5. Should be enough right?
Not at still need another 15 or so people to go. Finally you get enough
and you start downing bosses. Nothing drops at all for you the first few kills.
Then you down Garr. Nightslayer cover drops! You want it so bad! The guild you're
in links it, and the DKP battle begins and you throw out a whopping 10.
Well you're easily outbid at 15. So you throw out your final 20 dkp...its all you had.
The other rogues bid 25, 30, 35, 40 etc... finally someone wins and you sit there all
sad because you didn't win. You don't win anything else for the rest of the run for the same
reason. There used to be about 5+ of each class in a raid so winning gear was never
easy. Now? 2-3 maybe. in 25 mans maybe 4.

PvP. I don't know how many of you realize it but PvP wasn't in the game so much
at the beginning. If you found an alliance (or horde for you alliance kids)
you could kill them. But beyond that there wasn't much pvp. Blizzard saw people
enjoying that little bit and decided to make Battlegrounds. They came out with
Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin, and Alterac Valley. Each one had an entry point, and each
entry point was a long walk from each other. For warsong, you had to travel to the
Barrens, or Ashenvale just to find the portal and queue for that BG.
Actually getting the gear from pvp at 60 was much more challenging. Each week you did
as many bg's as you could for honor. Honor back then was different. It was almost like
reputation, but it level'd your ranking in PvP. The first week you would probably get
Grunt or Private and be able to buy a few things. But buying epics from pvp required
almost 24 hour playing of BG's with people who had the same goal in mind. Getting warlord
or Marshall only let you get into the group that would go for High Warlord or Grand
Marshall. This was a huge accomplishment back then.

What I'm trying to point out is the fact that now the game is so much easier
and user friendly. You can now fly in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. Traveling
is not hard. Getting loot just requires you to do an instance, not actually win anything.
PvP gives rewards for just winning 5 games in 2's. You don't even need to be
high rated now. So when you think this game is really out to get you or is too hard.
Just think about how it could be. You could be spending hours leveling, running 5-10 raids
so you could get 1 piece of gear only to have spent all your dkp and have to do it again, or
you could be pvp'ing day in and day out so you can buy pvp gear. I'd say blizz has done a good
job making the game more user friendly and allowing people easy access to content that, lets
face it, bad people would never see.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Once again, this was Gwapes. cy@


  1. i dont know much about the game WoW....but what if i spoil my WoW player BF does that count? LOL

  2. ^lol converse, if your BF ever steps outa line be sure to tell him that he's he's spoiled by blizzard, AND you! :P that should set him straight. As for the post, wow players will always be spoiled on multiple subjects. The subject that irritates me the most would have to be logging onto Arena Junkies and checking out recent posts and seeing things like Feral Druids complaining about their terrible survivability vs Warriors or DK's. Then I check the DK or Warrior forums, and see them complaining about Frost Mages, and then to complete the cycle the Mage forums are pissed about Feral damage. The grass is always greener, and this game will always have some type of Rock, Paper, Scissors mechanics in it. just my 2 cents.

  3. AHH this is Jordan isnt it hahaha

  4. I'd further say the general WoW player is spoiled just because it requires a standard game purchase (with expansions), monthly fee, a good computer, a good connection. Most players don't realize how lucky they are in general just to be enjoying this game. I hate the whiners. What irks me the most is how they just bow to the general mass. It seems like they would talk to the top pve/pvp for advice in either area.

    also I 2nd what Feris said.

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