Tuesday, February 1, 2011

3 ways to spend your tax refund on WoW!!

So i know a lot of you are itching to get your money back from the government (me included) so I've created a list of products to help you improve your WoW Gaming Experience...

Razer's DeathAdder
This is the mouse i use personally and I'm telling you i can't play with anything else. This thing is super sensitive and very customizable. It comes with Death Adder Software that lets u adjust sensitivity, dpi, and programmable buttons. The sleek design allows it to become a extension of your hand. It just feels natural in your hand!! The one i personally use has blue LED's that light up and pulse. It also includes two buttons conveniently placed near your thumbs. Great for those clutch spells on your action bar. They now offer it in black and a left hand edition. For a measly $59.99 you can't go wrong with this purchase. They have detailed description and Customer Testimonials on their website. Now get rid of those out dated mice and go check it out here!!

Logitech Gaming Keyboard G510
Logitech Gaming Keyboard G510And if your considering a new mouse...I'm gonna assume you could use a new keyboard as well and there is none greater than the Logitech G510. This keyboard was made for gaming. It includes so many extra features that will really improve your gaming experience. The first thing that really sticks out is the Heads Up Display built into the top of keyboard. Not only does it show your computer's vital stats but will also shows your Health/Mana Pool and when u receive whispers. You can also customize the color of back light that best suits your mood or gaming rig!! One of the best features of this keyboard it has built in integrated audio controls for your headset. And i don't mean mute and talk buttons...this keyboard will actually turn your analog 3.5mm headset into a usb audio device for the best quality possible. Very useful for communicating amongst the WoW community. Of course the keyboard comes standard with media controls and Internet controls (most do these days)...but not many come with this amazing feature..Game/Desktop mode. I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally hit the windows button and alt tabbed in crucial moments!!!! (FAIL!!) With this feature in the Game mode setting, the contextual menu and window keys are disabled!! AMAZING!! One more thing that must be pointed out is the G-Keys...these are 18 programmable keys. This might be a little much for the beginner but if you are experienced with macro's and LUA scripts these are going to be your bread and butter. Overall this keyboard is amazing!! The customization is endless and the user friendliness is always welcomed. Logitech sells this epic piece of equipment for $119.99 and you can view all its features here.

Antec Nine Hundred Two Gaming Case
Antec Nine Hundred Two Ultimate Gaming CaseThe foundation that holds all our Gaming rigs together...DUCK TAPE...i mean the CASE!! The Antec Nine Hundred is the best case I've ever used and have built many rigs for my friends with this case with absolutely no problems!! This case has it all. In my personal experience i hate liquid cooling...i just don't trust it. This fan keeps my rig cooler than my friends liquid cooling rig. The fans are placed so perfect for maximum air flow. This beast comes with 4 high quality fans. Two in the front that pull air in right in front of the Hard Drive Bays. One one the back pulling air out!! And a fan that reminds me of the Bubble Room in Williy Wonka's Chocolate Factory at the Very Top....its massive!! The thing that attracts me most to this case when i first bought it was the placement of the power supply. Its at the bottom which i am a fan of!! Gives you more room for beefier video cards and more room for big CPU FANS!! The front panel includes 2x Hi speed usb ports (Type A), an eSata port (7 pin) for external sata storage, and of course your standard Headphone/Mic ports on the front. The case is also rigged for expansion slots. 8 total, 3 slots for your optical drives, and up to 5 hard drives internally! I have used the first generation of this case for years and recently picked up this updated version (only difference was the eSata port and the Fan on top) and has been just as smooth sailing. This case is not a purchase its a great investment for the hard core gamers rig. This case will outlast your components!! Its costs $140.45 on Amazon.com. Here is a direct link to the Antec Nine Hundred Two Ultimate Gaming Case on amazon! Trust me its worth it!!

So there u have it...3 ways to spend your fat refund check...i highly recommend these upgrades. These upgrades will definitely improve you WoW experience. Check em out and let me know if you guys agree or disagree!


  1. that mouse sure is interesting. I'd like to learn more about the computer equipment. i will invest in some of these and get back to you. good work!!

  2. I have the razer mamba(mouse looks similiar but has built on sensativity buttons) and love it, I also have the razer lycosa keyboard I like it but it bugs out and has to be unplugged to reset the built in memory it after a long time playing(1-2x a month)

  3. yeah im a fan of most of the wired razer mice. Im partial to the logitech keyboard because of the built in usb audio device option. i think its pretty nice to convert and analog device into an usb audio device. I havn't personally used a razer keyboard. I might have to check one out cause im a huge razer fan. You should keep in touch iamthesasquatch and become a follower would enjoy more of your input!

  4. I picked up a Razer Naga after breaking my Death Adder in half like a month ago, and I love it. took some getting used to but its just straight up awesome for a hunter to play with considering how many binds I need. Then when Gwapes came into town he decided he needed a new mouse and that the Razer Naga looked like a good mouse for him to use also. So now all 3 of us use a Razer mouse and love them :P I also hear alot of good things about some of the Logitech gaming mice which I will probably check out eventually.

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  6. I'll buy cata 1st an after I'll check out the stuff you tried out :)

  7. you really should balistik!!! You gonna play hunter again? Anyway become a follower of my blog as well man i need all the followers i can get!!

  8. I have a logitech G11 Keyboard.. it's basically the same as the G15 w/o the small monitor. I absolutely love it except for one thing; It's huge! I could seriously go to battle with the thing. Make sure you have plenty of space for any logitech keyboard! I also use a logitech MX 518 mouse. "Logitech MX 518 8 Buttons 1 x Wheel USB Wired Optical 1800 dpi Gaming Mouse" to be exact.

    I use the site Newegg.com usually for my hardware purchases. If you're looking for a cheap videocard I use this currently (1 x ($39.99) VGA SPARKLE SFPX94GT512U2 9400GT RT - Retail). If you need a cheap 512 this is golden. I can't say i'm impressed, but it gets the job done. I hope to be upgrading as soon as I get back home!

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